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Welcome to the nChain Identity User Guide. Here, you will learn how to seamlessly integrate its capabilities into your business processes.

nChain Identity is constructing a bridge to Web3 by offering digital Verifiable Credentials issuance and verification process, through decentralised identities powered by the blockchain.

nChain Identity technology enables the creation of cryptographically secure and immediately verifiable digital credentials. This allows users to certify workforce and academic achievements, identity documents, KYC checks, and many more use cases.

The problem today: Centralised credential challenges

Centralised identity management faces persistent vulnerabilities and is susceptible to threats and privacy breaches. Primary challenges include centralised database weak points, which provide a target for hackers and foster document forgery. At the same time, there's a lack of protection against falsification. At the same time, verifying paper-based or PDF credentials proves to be time-consuming and error-prone.

nChain Identity proposes a blockchain-based solution, ensuring tamper-proof documents with instant verification through Verifiable Credentials (V.C.). nChain Identity empowers decentralisation in the Web3 movement, powered by blockchain-based security and user data ownership. nChain following Web3 values aims to enhance the portability and security of identity documents like passports, academic certificates, and licenses.

Web3 empowering Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) with nChain Identity

Web3 goes beyond ownership. Web3 emphasised trust and security in managing vast amounts of verifiable data. It represents the an improved version of the internet, integrating decentralisation, blockchain, and token-based data transactions.

Self Sovereign identity, facilitated by nChain Identity, empowers individuals to control their digital identity independently of specific service providers. This aligns with the core principles of Web3, emphasising ownership and control over crucial documents and IDs.

Blockchain technology forms a fundamental aspect of Web3, providing the decentralised foundation for secure transactions. nChain Identity's proof of work and public blockchain ensure open, secure, and decentralised data transactions.

Having delved into the Web3 space since 2015, nChain's efforts are aligned with the approved standards and security best practices, supporting organisations in understanding data ownership and immutability. Enabling the transformation of documents, certificates, and credentials into digital, tamper-proof, and instantly verifiable assets in the Web3 ecosystem.

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