Key features and benefits

One-stop shop for Web3 development

The nChain Product Suite Platform streamlines the blockchain development by offering a suite of core developer centric Web3 services that cater to a broad spectrum of use cases.

In its initial release, the platform focuses on simplifying the process through:

1. Isolated Testing Environments on the platform:

Customers can create sandbox environments to test and experiment with the tools without affecting live data or risking security breaches.

2. Developer-Friendly APIs:

By providing familiar APIs, the platform allows developers to interact with blockchain technology using familiar REST APIs that they are already comfortable with, reducing the learning curve typically associated with blockchain development.[TM1]

3. Future Phases and On-Premises Deployment:

While the first release focuses on enabling isolated environments, subsequent phases will build this foundation to enable seamless deployment models: nChain Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid deployment model.