Document Verification Tool

Verification is simple and can be done through nChain Sign.

By comparing the document's hash on the blockchain with the hash of your original document, you can confirm its authenticity and integrity.

How it works?

1. The document structure for verification

A PDF file signed by nChain Sign follows a specific structure to ensure its integrity and authenticity.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A Document: The PDF document is uploaded by the creator, unchanged throughout the signing process.

  2. Incremental Signing: Each user’s signature and information are added to the end of the file. Each digital signature signs the entire document, including previous signatures.

  3. Final Summary: After all signatures, the final entries are added to the Summary page. The entire document, including this page, is digitally signed by the nChain Sign server.

  4. Blockchain Verification: Hashes of the original and final documents are stored on the BSV blockchain, ensuring any alterations can be detected by comparing stored and generated hashes.

This structure guarantees that the document cannot be modified without detection, providing a robust mechanism for ensuring the authenticity and integrity of signed documents.

Users can verify that the document has not been altered after signing by using the verification tool provided in the app. This tool checks the structure and hashes to confirm the document’s validity.

Note: As part of the audit trail for a document, all parties to the Signature Request will be asked to digitally sign all the documents included in that Signature Request, whether or not they are affixing their electronic signature to a given document.

2. Verifying the Document and Issuing Report:

The tool verifies the uploaded document and generates a verification report indicating the document’s status.

Verification Status Indicators

  • Green (Valid): Indicates that the document has completed the signing process and all checks have passed.

  • Red (Invalid): Indicates that the document has completed the signing process but one or more checks have failed.

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