Signing an envelope

You will have received an email notification that your signature is required for document(s) within a specific envelope.

  • Open the email and click on the envelope link or Navigate to the dashboard in the nChain Sign application.

  • In the Requires Your Attention column, locate the envelope with the documents you are required to sign and click Review.

  • Review the documents within the envelope in the preview screen.

For each document within the envelope, an Audit Trail section at the bottom of the document displays the email of the signer and timestamp of the document signing.

For each document within the envelope, you are required to:

  • Create and confirm your visual signature

    • Visual signature can be Typed, Drawn, Uploaded

  • Place your visual signature to required fields

  • Fill in any other fields (date, initials)

  • Sign (confirm) the signing request (Sign now) for the included document

  • When the envelope contains more documents, you will be guided to the next document and repeat the process; once you have signed all the documents within the envelope, the signing process for that envelope is finalized, and you will be guided back to the dashboard

  • if for whatever reason you don't wish to sign the document, decline the signature request (you will be required to provide a note as to why you are declining to sign)

An email notification is then sent to the requestor of the signatures. Signer also receives an e-mail confirmation.

Note: If there are multiple documents in the signing request, you must add your visual signature to, and digitally sign, each document before the envelope is considered complete.

Note: As part of the audit trail for a document, all parties to the Signature Request will be asked to digitally sign all the documents included in that Signature Request, whether or not they are affixing their electronic signature to a given document.

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