Key Features

Cryptographic signature layers

For each signed document, there are 2 cryptographic signature layers to enforce security: a digital signature on the document related to the user and a digital signature related to the organisation (as in Web2 solutions.)

Document Referencing

Document referencing on blockchain to immutably log the content (in an obfuscated manner) and signature.


Independent document and signature verification vs on-chain reference, by validating that the document hash matches the hash on the blockchain.

Sequential signature orders and roles

Sequential signature orders and roles in situations where multiple signees, authorisers and witnesses are required.

Specific Field Placement

The signature requestor can specify areas on the document where the visual signatures and other inputs (like date, initials, custom text) must be placed, creating an intuitive user experience, in line with traditional methods of signature.

Friendly dashboard interface

Friendly dashboard interface for easy document management, status overview and tracking document trails.


  • Self-sovereign signatures where users have complete control over their signing keys, linked to their device.

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