Use Cases

nChain Sign allows you to sign and manage documents digitally, improving the efficiency of your processes. The platform enhances security, transparency and allows independent verification of signatures by recording document trails on chain.

These benefits can be leveraged in multiple contexts with traditional document signatures but also validation gates, proof of reviews and versioning.

When high security is needed for signatures (large transactions, confidential information, etc.), nChain patented technology allowed us to develop a unique solution where users can choose to keep custody of their signing keys on separate hardware devices.

Use Case

Document example


Digital contract signature: sign documents using digital, and in many jurisdictions legally-binding signatures

Sales contracts

Purchase orders

Supplier agreements

Real-estate contracts

Intellectual Property


Employee onboarding

nChain Sign improves speed, user experience and security by allowing to issue, send, sign and manage all types of documents digitally. We will offer workflow integration to streamline these processes and ensure optimum UX.

Acknowledgement of receipt, versioning, gate approvals, proof of review

Project Management

Technical documentation

The digital signature process of nChain Sign can also represent other actions related to document flows, such as acknowledgement of receipt, versioning, authorisation, reviews, etc.

COMING SOON: High-security signing: secure enclave key storage

Large transaction agreements

Top-secret documents

Important commitments

nChain Sign is designed to allow users to decouple document and blockchain signatures, enabling the user to sign with keys stored on an identity linked secure enclave (hardware device such as a mobile phone) for increased security

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