Get Link Location Status

Check whether the record is on the blockchain at the link location:

  1. The record owner shoukd wait at least 10 minutes after the record was written for it to be confirmed on the blockchain

  2. The record owner checks the status of the link Location

  3. If not confirmed, the record owner either waits again or retries appending the record (starting at Step 1 above)

  4. The record owner optionally sends or publishes the link Location to any other parties

Example code:

curl -X "GET" \
     -L "$URL/api/v1/linkedrecords/$LOC/status" \
     -H "x-api-key: $KEY" \
     -H "accept: text/plain"

Example immediate response:

  "updatable": true,
  "confirmation": null

Example Response after waiting for 30 minutes:

  "updatable": true,
  "confirmation": {
    "confirmedBlocks": 3,
    "blockHash": "038ada8fba49a4972....3fb049b45553612c187cc",
    "blockTimestamp": "2024-02-16T12:44:42Z",
    "merkleProof": {
      "index": 2,
      "txOrId": "47175b2ee3345942....d58cd286198e1bcf97",
      "target": "00000020e1b721d55e....9c4ba58cf65ffff7f2000000000",
      "nodes": [
      "targetType": "header",
      "proofType": null,
      "composite": null

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