Features and Benefits

Some of the key features and benefits that nChain Event provides are listed below.

  • Easy access to append, read and verify public records.

  • Easy access to create, update, delete and read linked records.

  • Proof of having written records to the blockchain and when.

  • Proof of authorship.

  • Improves provability of an event at given time.

  • Simplified proof and verification of event.

  • Proof of sequence of events.

  • Proof of event state.

  • Provenance, history, chronicle, journal, audit trail of public records on blockchain.

  • Global, irrefutable data and timestamp.

  • Transparency (Publicly accessible/readable result on chain).

  • Public proof of publishing public items and when published.

  • Irrefutable record on chain (non-repudiation & tamperproof).

  • Businesses can improve trust in their own records.

  • Usable by non-blockchain experts.

It also offers the following core capabilities:

  • Creates an irrefutable timestamp, which is crucial for Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Appends records to the blockchain.

  • Reads the record using its location data on the blockchain.

  • Verifies that the original record matches the public record.

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