Core Concepts

nChain Event enables you to write both independent records (see Independent Records) and linked records (see Linked Records) to the blockchain. It also allows you to read those records and verify that the original records match the ones on the blockchain.

Data Records

A data record (just called a record in this document) is any packet of data that you want to register on the blockchain. You can choose whether the record is binary or text, and whether encoded or unencoded, or a private reference to data in your own system. The record may also be a single data item or a mixture of data fields. The record can contain whatever you want to register on the blockchain that will assist and support your business.

Record Locations

When a record is written to the blockchain, an industry-standard unique record location (just called a location in this document) is returned. This can be stored and used for subsequent operations.

The locations may also be distributed for use by data users, data verifiers, data auditors, and any other interested parties.

Locations are the transaction hash (often called the TXID by the blockchain community) of the record transaction that has been written to the blockchain. Locations are vendor neutral.

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