Lucky Number Tickets

A lucky number ticket creator wants to append the result of the lucky number draw to the blockchain, so that anyone can view the winning ticket and the draw is fully transparent.

The lucky number creator maintains a list of all tickets sold or given away. When it is time for the draw, a ticket is picked at random. The list, the method of picking the ticket, the picker’s identifier and the winning ticket are appended to the blockchain using nChain Event.

The resultant location on the blockchain is published by the lucky number ticket creator, allowing anyone to view the winning ticket and when the draw was taken, perhaps comparing the winning ticket with their own to determine whether they have won.

The creator could also append tickets to the blockchain as they are purchased or given away, so that anyone can view the tickets and the set of potential winners is fully transparent up to the time of the draw.


  • The returned result is proof of what data an organisation submitted to the blockchain and when this took place.

  • Ability to verify original data and location.

  • Transparency: Records data is publicly accessible, and the result is readable on the blockchain.

  • An Irrefutable record of the data exists on the blockchain (non repudiation & tamperproof).

The Lucky Number use case is available as a demo application within the nChain Event PSP platform.

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