Why Bitcoin SV?

Advantages of Bitcoin SV

The advantages of Bitcoin SV over other payment systems include:


  • Transactions are stored on a global ledger.

  • One of the few global currencies like the US$.

  • Bitcoin SV values are visible, but data values may be public or private.


  • Data stored is irrefutable.

  • Provides a tamper-proof single point of truth.

  • Provides irrefutable links between transactions.

Low Cost

  • A transaction can be stored for 1/1000th of a US$ cent.

  • Whereas even "Contactless payments" costs US$ 0.20 per transaction.

  • The low cost enables many low payment and nano payments use cases.


  • Low value transactions can be accepted by a user wallet without confirmation.

  • Larger values can be confirmed (“will be mined”) by the infrastructure within seconds.

  • Final settlement on the blockchain (Merkle proof) will be confirmed within an hour.

Blockchain provides efficiency in the following ways:

  • Publishing public data

  • Time stamping data

  • Establishing proof of data and when

  • Providing irrefutable data linkage

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